Echo - EP

by How To Fly

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released May 7, 2014



all rights reserved


How To Fly Cartersville, Georgia

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Track Name: Amazing Love
Blinded by the light
It’s a miracle that I’m alive
I can’t seem to find
No, I’ll never find a reason why
All my fatal flaws
The condition I have tried to hide
But You paid the cost
Illuminate a spectrum in the sky

So this is love, amazing love
Cause all I’ve done is not enough

I am drowning in Your boundless oceans
Everything I was before is broken

So this is love, amazing love
Cause all I’ve done is not enough
Your sacrifice, from death to life
We come alive
Track Name: Voices
Voices I hear won’t let me go
I fought all my life to take control
Noises that drown out what I know
As they eat away at my soul

I’m hearing sounds beneath the ground
Pushing me to the edge
Whispers tear my spirit down
Stuck on loop inside my head
I’ve been stumbling, I’ve been bound
I’ve been stranded here alone

Lately I’ve been under attack
By the seeds that I’ve sown
But this means war I’m fighting back
This time I’m not on my own
Burning bridges from my past
Now I’m letting go

A voice I hear won’t let me go
Surrendered my life to give control
Noises can’t drown out love I know
As He recreates in my soul
Track Name: Echo
Like skies above the mirror seas
We become who we believe
Itinerant identity
Anchored in eternity

We are the moonlit night
Reflection of the sun
We are the mountainside
The echo of Your love

Strength and heart, soul and mind
V’ahavta et Adonai
Break my heart for what breaks Yours
Be the life I’m dying for
Track Name: Free My Soul
Trapped in between passions
Standing still in the crossfire
Every breath taken is action
Every choice is the red wire
Street light constellations
Highlights in the skyline
Cut the power, the pollution
Let the stars in the night shine

Oh, free my soul
Overthrow my hearts throne

I’ll let go of all reason
Lose my mind or my stubborn heart
This road maps so misleading
Adonai, be my north star
I wanna lose it all

Our morals lie as time goes by
Oh, free my mind from ties we bind
Track Name: Pieces of Your Heart
These winter nights last too long
Dim city lights and make room for the dawn
You’ve been chasing ghosts of broken dreams
To make the most of what life seems to be

But I’m looking for you, looking for you
Yeah, I’m looking for you, looking for you

The pieces of your heart that tear and break apart
My love can heal the scars, don’t let go

The page is blank, the ink is dry
But you’ve got so much of your song to write
Memories cracked and faded lines
On the epitaph of the spark in your eyes

But I’m still looking for you, looking for you
Looking for you, looking for you
Track Name: Revive Me (feat. Scarlet Wool)
My soul clings to dust and death
Revive me in Your righteousness
I’m a stranger in this world
Resurrect me in Your word
Open my eyes that I may see
Do not hide Your Law from me
You’re the lamp unto my feet
For Your precepts I will seek

Revive, revive, revive me
Revive, revive, revive me

I will sing through dark of night
Your word, Your way, Your truth, Your life
More than treasures, more than gold
Your commandments I will hold
I will speak before kings and queens
The statutes You have given me
You’re the lamp unto my feet
For Your precepts I will keep

Open my eyes that I may see
Lord, reveal Your Law to me